Septic Systems

Specialize in comprehensive septic systems services, including licensed septic system installation, conventional beds, filter beds, specialty systems, infiltrator system and tank replacements.


Dug Wells

Provide comprehensive well services, encompassing both well digging and decommissioning. For well digging, we specialize in precise site evaluations and expert excavation to install reliable water wells tailored to your residential, agricultural, or commercial needs.


Full Service Excavation

Provide a comprehensive range of full-service excavation solutions tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We handle anything from new house construction to tree planting.


Hydraulic Breaker

Provide hydraulic breaker services to break down of concrete, limestone, and certain types of granite.

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Custom Screening

Specialize in custom screening services, offering tailored solutions for precise material separation. Whether it's soil, aggregates, or debris, our advanced screening equipment allows us to selectively separate materials based on size, texture, or composition.

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Trucking & Float Services

Our trucking & float services are designed to meet the diverse transportation needs of construction, infrastructure, and development projects. Our fleet of specialized trucks and floats ensures the efficient and secure transport of heavy equipment, oversized loads, and construction materials.

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Specialized concrete demolition services tailored for various construction and renovation needs. With a skilled team and advanced equipment, we efficiently dismantle and remove concrete structures, whether it's for renovations, expansions, or structural modifications.


Commercial Snow Plowing & Removal

Provide reliable commercial snow plowing and removal services to ensure the safety and accessibility of your business premises during winter weather. Equipped with specialized snow plows, loaders, and de-icing materials, our team adeptly clears parking lots, driveways, and walkways.

317 County Rd 4, Douro-Dummer, ON

Material Processing

Serves as a central hub for handling and repurposing construction and excavation materials in a sustainable manner.

2287 Henderson Line, RR#7, Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 6X8


Pit contains impermeable clay ideal for capping landfills, contaminated sites, and lining ponds.

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